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 PPG100 - Hero for Android
PPG100 - Hero for Android
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April 17, 2018

Powerpage Hero for Android
mobile messaging for everyone

Available Now!

Powerpage combines the functionality of SMS/TXT & Paging into one, quick & easy to use, touch screen Mobile App

Send, Receive & Reply tomessages sent to & from almost any mobile device on the planet with automatic received/read status

Low battery and network usage, Powerpage Hero doesn’t even have to be running to get messages!

Key Features & Benefits
• Fast,Effective & Inexpensive
• Upto 250 character messages
• Wake on Activity message receipt
• Colour coded message status icons
• Local & International 2-way messaging
• Select Internet or SMS message delivery
• Nomore hardware & software required

Price:FREE* Demo App download

*plus low message fee
 Link: www.msgwrx.com/
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